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A seasonal trend book devoted to colour across design


VIEWPOINT COLOUR, edited by Franklin Till, takes a lifestyle approach to colour providing a global perspective across design 12 months ahead. Each issue highlights one overarching theme supported by visual imagery, material direction, and 4 trend palettes in Pantone Colours. The latest colour news, coluor psychology research, designer spotlights and future design trends are also featured.

Viewpoint Colour issue 06 highlights the influence younger generations are having on our global culture and looks to answer the question, “Can alternative and new-age thinking become the mainstream?” With brand distrust on the rise, more and more millennials and Gen Z choosing brands that are socially responsible and eco-friendly, young people are demanding action, and turning to colour and design to define a clear sense of identity and purpose. From fiery reds and feminine pinks to sea blue, forest green and deepest black, colour is political. Demonstrating resilient hope and creativity in the face of the looming climate crisis and balancing measured, informed storytelling with playful, inclusive campaigns that have captured imagination and empathy across the world, today’s youth are savvy, intelligent and ready to take responsibility to colour their own futures.

All Trend Forecasting books are non-returnable/non-refundable.

£75.00 ( excl. VAT )


  • 31.75 cm x 24.13 cm softcover on heavy weight paper stock
  • 176 pages


The latest color news:
  • Rise Up: Context + Four colour trend palettes for Autumn/Winter 20/21
  • Wild Child – The Colours of Ingenuity
  • Co-Designing Colour – Creativity + Collaboration
  • The Colours of Resistance – Colour as a Visual Strategy
  • Going Off Grid – Spotlight of New Lifestyles
  • A Piece of the Future – New Approaches to Arts Education
  • Materials Library: Super Natural
  • Glowing, Glowing, Gone – The Colours of Climate Change (Adobe, Pantone Color Institute, and The Ocean Agency)
  • Long term colour forecast – Water States
  • All colour information provided using PANTONE Colour references


  • Contributions by artists and designers around the globe expose a global perspective to colour
  • Comparative of macro and local views on key colour stories provides perspective for sound colour decisions
  • Short- and long-term colour direction allows you to select your colours based on your planning cycle
  • Actionable colour intelligence from global colour trend experts gives you confidence to make critical colour choices
  • Lifestyle colour approach streamlines the colour planning process
  • Enables you to begin your colour planning with the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors colour language