Pantone Sure Shot Pro Pack

SKU: 2016-003

The Sure Shot Pro Pack includes three essential tools for professional photographers: i1 Display Pro for accurately calibrating color display devices, ColorChecker Passport containing three photographic targets for profiling images based on actual lighting conditions, and a SkinTone™ Guide for realistic human skin color reference. Use this set to help manage your workflow, workspace and output to achieve realistic, high-level, and fast color accuracy in your prints.

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  • i1 Display Pro
  • ColorChecker Passport
  • SkinTone™ Guide


  • i1 Display incorporates ambient light measurement, monitor profiling, and projector profiling into a fully integrated device
  • ColorChecker Passport is specifically designed for RAW workflows, and can also add value to JPEG workflows
  • SkinTone pages are full-bleed color with central die-cut holes for easy color evaluation and matching


  • i1 Display Pro allows for display, monitor, and projector calibration so color can be accurately viewed
  • ColorChecker Passport quickly and easily captures accurate color, enhances portraits and landscapes, and maintains color control and consistency from capture to edit
  • The SkinTone guide references 110 realistic skin colors to most accurately bring photo subjects to life in post