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Pantone Simulator Prints

Available as Stickers


Save time, money, and rework by seeing how colours can change on the most common packaging materials before artwork goes into production. Pantone Simulator Prints provide you with a sheet of up to 5 PMS colours as they would appear on any of 34 common materials and printing processes. Use Pantone Simulator Prints to make colour decisions internally or share with production partners to eliminate colour risk earlier in the workflow.

Check out the Pantone Colour Systems page to find out which format is right for you >

Please note we are currently improving our production process and have temporarily deactivated some colors identified for realignment. We appreciate your patience during this time.

£14.40 ( inc. VAT )

Important Notice:

1) On-Demand Prints are specially produced in, and shipped from, the USA. All other products are shipped from UK. Therefore, this product can only be ordered and invoiced separately from other products. Please either check out your other products first or empty your cart before proceeding to Build Your Sheet.

2) In addition to shipping costs, customer is also responsible for the payment of any required duties and taxes.


  • 1-sided sheet digitally printed on coated paper stock
  • Up to five PMS colours per sheet
  • Up to five of the 34 most commonly used packaging materials and printing processes
  • Choose either plain printing or optional sticker format for attaching to design files or a colour band to cut and share


  • Choose from any of our Formula Guide Coated or Pastels Coated Spot Colours (excludes Metallics and Neons)
  • Five rows of colour per sheet with optional seven 2.54 cm x 3.49 cm stickers of each color
  • Manual measurements to ensure colours reproduce at the lowest Delta-E possible to our master standards
  • Each colour is compared to the PMS master standard for easy visual assessment
  • Select optional D50 Lighting Indicator sticker to know when lighting conditions are suitable for colour evaluation


  • Understand the limits of color achievability across packaging materials before entering the costly production stage
  • See how colour can change before production to save time, money, and rework
  • The most customized, on-demand reference commercially available by Pantone
  • Available within 24-48 hours
  • Purchase with the PantoneLIVE Designer bundle for a complete digital and physical colour solution