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Pantone 3 Light Booth - D50


Pantone 3 Light Booth provides a consistent and reliable environment for evaluating products and prints. As colour can appear differently under various light sources – such as daylight, store lighting and fluorescent – it is important to review products and prints under each before approval so that costly issues and rejects can be avoided.

£1,500.00 ( inc. VAT )


  • Use D65 lighting for reviewing colour for hard/soft goods, textiles and coating colour. For reviewing colour on printed materials, use D50 lighting.
  • Lamps:
  • P3D65840 - D65 Daylight, Home “A” Tungsten, 840 Fluorescent
  • P3D50CWF - D50 Daylight, Home “A” Tungsten, Cool White Fluorescent
  • Multiple voltage options: 100, 115, 127, and 230
  • Certificate of performance
  • Dimensions (length, width, height): 690mm x 500mm x 420mm
  • Viewing Area (H x W x D): 685mm x 395mm x 350mm
  • Weight: 23.5kgs


  • Setup options available to best suit your industry and customers’ needs
  • Contemporary design, styled to complement any workspace


  • Consistent, industry-standard fluorescent illumination
  • Simulate common daylight, home and store environments:
  • D65 dedicated light source option for industrial applications
  • D50 dedicated light source option mainly for print and packaging applications
  • "A" Tungsten Halogen home lighting simulation lamp
  • Cool White Fluorescent (CWF) and TL84 store lighting simulation lamp options
  • Identify troublesome colour variations and metameric effects (when two colours appear to match in one set of lighting conditions but fail to match in another)