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Our Best Graphics Tools for the Creative Space You Work In

Working in graphic design? Our colour system for graphic designers comes in a variety of formats to match the creative space you work in, whether at the computer, on the go, or at the printing press, helping you make colour-critical decisions at the design inspiration, colour specification, or printing stage of your workflow.

On the Go?

The Pantone Portable Guide Studio is the ultimate on-the-go solution! With this set of nine handheld fan decks in a portable carrying case, graphic designers can access the right guide whenever, wherever. The set includes all PMS colours for spot printing, including metallic, pastels, and neons, as well as guides for CMYK process printing, along with corresponding HEX and RGB values.

Pantone Portable Guide Studio

At your Computer?

The most versatile tool to have on hand in your office or studio, Color Bridge is a single fan guide that allows you to see a side-by-side visual comparison of Pantone Spot colours vs. CMYK printing process, with HEX and RGB values for digital design. Ideal for budget conscious graphic, packaging, web, and animation designers.

Pantone Color Bridge Coated

With the Printer?

The best way to ensure your printer knows your colour intent is with Solid Chips. The book includes all Pantone spot or PMS colours as sharable perforated chips. Use this versatile format for attaching colour to design files and for approving colour on press.

Pantone Solid Chips