Munsell Rock Color Chart

Durable, accurate method for classifying and evaluating rock colour samples

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The Munsell Rock Color Chart Provides a Durable, Accurate Method for Classifying and Evaluating Rock Colour Samples

The Munsell Rock Color Chart helps geologists and archeologists communicate with colour more effectively by cross-referencing ISCC-NBS colour names with unique Munsell alpha-numeric colour notations for rock colour samples. The rock colour chart is a revision of the previously published Geological Society of America (GSA) Rock Color Chart.

Munsell Rock Color Chart is Rugged Enough to Withstand Field Use

Your Munsell Rock Colour chart gives you the convenience of evaluating rock colours of all types where you need it most… in the field. Evaluate rock colour wet or dry; medium, fine or coarse grained rocks too.

Although your Rock Color Chart is built to endure some of the most rugged conditions in the world, you’ll need to periodically replace it.

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