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Color Evaluation Kit

The right tools for more accurate colour assessment

SKU: 2016-005A

Our Color Evaluation Kit provides an ideal lighting environment and the Pantone Colour tools you need to make confident, colour-critical decisions for both print materials and products. Use the D65 light booth/stickers and Fashion Home + Interiors (FHI) Color Guide when assessing colour for hard/soft goods, textiles, and coatings. Switch to D50 lamps and use Formula Guide when reviewing printed materials.

  • Identify colour variations and metameric effects before going into production
  • Easily switch lamps for accurate visualisation of print materials
  • Faster, more accurate approvals save time and money
  • Lamps accurately simulate daylight, home, and store lighting

£1,468.80 ( inc. VAT )


  • Kit includes the Pantone D65 Light Booth, two interchangeable lamps, Formula Guide Coated fan deck and FHI Color Guide.
  • Comes with one sheet each of D65 and D50 Lighting Indicator stickers
  • Interchangeable lamps allow for evaluating graphics and printed works, as well as all other materials
  • Lighting Indicator stickers demonstrate when lighting conditions are suitable for colour evaluation.
  • Formula Guide is printed on the most commonly used paper stock weights (100 lb coated and 80 lb uncoated)
  • FHI Color Guide illustrates colours as a lacquer coating on paper


  • Colours can be evaluated more accurately under proper lighting
  • Formula Guide includes 2,161 total spot colours
  • FHI Color Guide includes 2,310 Fashion, Home + Interiors Colours
  • Tolerance aim <2dE to our master standard data
  • Formula Guide produced with an enhanced printing process for improved colour accuracy


  • Pantone D65 Light Booth delivers consistent, reliable daylight (D65), home (A Tungsten), and store (TL84) lighting options for hard/soft goods, textiles, coatings and many other coloured or dyed materials
  • Two D50 interchangeable lamps can be swapped with the booth’s D65 lamps to create an ideal lighting environment for evaluating graphics and printed materials
  • Use Formula Guide for design inspiration, colour specification, and printing accuracy when creating spot colour logos and branding, marketing materials, and packaging
  • FHI Color Guide is the perfect tool for viewing the appearance of colour on hard home, ceramics, paint, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and leather products
  • Pantone Guides are used around the globe for communicating consistent colour throughout workflow and supply chain
  • Bring Colour to Life, Digitally
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