Our Best Cotton Tools for the Creative Space You Work In


Our Best Cotton Tools for the Creative Space You Work In

Working in fashion design or textiles? Our Fashion, Home, and Interior colour system on cotton comes in a variety of formats to match the creative space you work in, whether on the go, in the design studio, or at the mills, helping you make colour-critical decisions at the inspiration, specification, or production stage of your workflow.

Pantone Cotton Passport

On the Go?

The Pantone Cotton Passport will take you to inspiring places! You have access to all 2,310 colours that make up the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interior system – right in your hand. This accordion style format allows you to pull out all the colours at once taking inspiration and creativity to new places. The passport’s easy-to-carry format allows you to check fabric whenever, wherever.

Pantone Cotton Chip Set

In the Studio?

The Pantone Cotton Chip Set is a great partner when developing palettes, creating mood boards, and building design presentations. The two volume set of all 2,310 colours lays out colour chromatically on removable pages, so that you can see colour families together, and includes removable tabs for each colour, so that you can lay colours side-by-side. Each chip has the Pantone Colour Name and Pantone Colour Number making your palette sharable with co-workers and production partners.

Pantone Cotton Swatch Card

At the Mills?

The Pantone SMART Cotton Swatch is the ultimate cotton colour standard for production! All Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors system Cotton products, including Passport and Chip Set, are references to the swatch. Made on double layered fabric to the most exacting colour specifications, the Pantone cotton swatch card includes full spectral data for assured colour accuracy in production. You can use them for precise visual colour evaluation, spectrophotometric reading, or specifying colour to production partners.