Colour with Confidence


Introducing Pantone's most comprehensive color colection to date. Introducing Pantone's most comprehensive color colection to date.

Introducing Pantone’s most comprehensive colour collection to date, featuring new colours for graphics, print, packaging and product design. For designers working with multiple materials across Pantone Systems, our 294 new colours were specifically created to provide better matches to the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) Colour System. With the addition of more fundamental colours (neutrals, tans, grays, navys, blacks) within a library of 2,161 colours, designers can now confidently achieve more trend-relevant colours throughout their design process.

What More Means for Graphic Designers:

  • An additional 294 market-driven, trend-relevant colours for more design options

What More Means for Product Designers:

  • More colour matches across different materials, for print and packaging that better matches your hard and soft goods projects

What More Means for All Creatives and Brands:

  • More creative inspiration, design, and communication opportunities
  • More necessary nuances and neutrals like blacks, grays, tans, blues, and olives

Own the new colours in the latest guides and chip books:

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Pantone Graphics

Behind the Characters

Building the right colour palette is critical not only for securing your brand and character DNA, but also for making sure your intended messages and meanings are communicated effectively to your audience.

Carly Monardo is an animator, illustrator, and the creative dynamo behind our 294 New Colours campaign artwork. In this four-palette colour story, she shares the strategy behind the development of her characters, as well as the backstories that influence each individual colour palette.

Using PMS Colours for Print AND Product Design

Colour can be tricky sometimes. Have you ever found your hues used for printing don’t appear as you expected when translated onto other materials like plastic or cotton? Pantone shares best practices for how to achieve better colour matches when toggling between Pantone’s Graphics and Fashion, Home + Interiors Colour Systems.