FiberForce launches the first Pantone-based 3D filament line


FiberForce launches the first Pantone-based 3D filament line

In partnership with Pantone, provider of professional colour standards for the design industry, FiberForce proudly announces the launch of the world’s first Pantone Matching System (PMS) based 3D printing filament line.

“We are excited to release the first 3D filament simulating approved PMS colour identities and to bring globally recognized Pantone Colours into the 3D printing world” said Francesco Berton, CEO of FiberForce Italy. “Thanks to this alliance we can provide a higher level of customer service. Our 3D filaments are commonly known for excellence in quality, and from this day forward we can add another concrete support to 3D printing market, where the importance of colours is a key point”.

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FiberForce is now launching the first selection of filaments in approved PMS colours, ensuring customers the highest standards in quality, not only as a response to the growing industry needs, but also suitable for creative product design, apparel, fashion, architecture, home and accessories. This portfolio of materials and inspiring colours will continue to grow, offering designers expansive opportunities to develop prototypes and products that align with the creativity Pantone inspires.

“Collaborating with FiberForce Italy provides designers working with innovative materials and advanced technology the ability to bring Pantone Colours to life in their 3D-printed creations,” said Adrián Fernández, Vice President and General Manager of Pantone. “Leveraging approved Pantone Colours within the 3D printing process enables users to maximize the power of colour and visualize samples that truly realize their design intent through easy-to-print filaments.”

About FiberForce Italy

Established in 2014, under its founders’ growing passion for 3D printing world and deep experience in plastic production processes, FiberForce quickly became a solid market reference among 3D printing filament suppliers. Its target is to propose a wide range of universal high quality filaments in continuous development, suitable for all levels of 3D printing, from recreational, through educational, up to professional. Check how FiberForce can help to improve your business at fiberforce.it.

About Pantone

Pantone provides a universal language of colour that enables colour-critical decisions through every stage of the workflow for brands and manufacturers. More than 10 million designers and producers around the world rely on Pantone products and services to help define, communicate and control colour from inspiration to realization – leveraging advanced X-Rite technology to achieve colour consistency across various materials and finishes for graphics, fashion and product design. Pantone Standards feature digital and physical colour specification and workflow tools. The Pantone Color Institute provides customized colour standards, brand identity and product colour consulting as well as trend forecasting inclusive of Pantone Color of the Year, Fashion Runway Color Trend Reports, colour psychology and more. Pantone B2B Licensing incorporates the Pantone Colour System into different products and services, enabling licensees to communicate and reproduce approved Pantone values and improve efficiencies for their users. Pantone Lifestyle brings colour and design together across apparel, home, and accessories. Learn more at store.pantone.com/uk/en/ and connect with Pantone on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn.