In Praise of Grey


Often described as a colour of scarce emotion, Grey is actually full of meaningful nuances. It is an eclectic but objective colour from its coldest hues close to white to its deepest charcoal tones close to black. Grey is like a canvas, which allows you to paint to your hearts content. It is also the non-perceptible colour of nature suggestive of misty fogs, extreme landscapes and unreachable horizons. It is the colour of concrete and asphalt, the icon of metropolitan landscapes.

In Praise of gray eclectic products.

Heading into Autumn/Winter 2019/20, we see the greys as a key colour for cars, paint, home textiles and interiors and second only to blue as the most popular colour for menswear. Above all, greys serve as the perfect neutral base to work with all other colours, making for an especially compelling statement when illuminated by boreal light or strongly contrasted by synthetic or manmade brights.

In praise of gray interior.

Excerpted with permission from PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner A/W 19/20 The Circle.

In Praise of Gray - Color Palette In Praise of Gray - Color Harmonies

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