Linus Leonardsson, Colour Curator


Linus Leonardsson, Colour Curator

Laurie Pressman, Vice President, Pantone Color Institute

Pantone Color Institute

23 March 2020

Rejecting newness in favor of repair and reuse, colour curator, Linus Leonardsson’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection See You in the Fog evolved from the notion of a summertime forest rave in Stockholm. Composed of dead-stock, leftover and scavenged materials, the collection is a psychedelic trip of colour, shape and texture.

Linus Leonardsson, Colour Curator Linus Leonardsson, Colour Curator

Linus Leonardsson highlighted in VIEWPOINT COLOUR - Issue 07 - PRELOVED. Photos excerpted with permission from VIEWPOINT COLOUR - Issue 07 - PRELOVED. Images: Linus Leonardsson SS20 'See You in the Fog' collection, photography by Lineta Liduma

Wanting to see an end to cheap fast fashion, Leonardsson exploits an abundance of unwanted materials, including empty laughing gas canisters collected from the streets of Antwerp and upcycled into earrings. “The beauty of upcycling lies within its inner contrast – using something that’s been disposed of to make something desirable,” Leonardsson says. “Although fashion sees a lot of great initiatives, including upcycling and recycling materials, rental and digital clothes, et cetera, it makes little difference unless we change our pattern of consumption. “I think we must be more emotional and engaged when shopping, and ask ourselves whether we will really love a certain piece for years to come. Otherwise, it does not belong in one’s wardrobe.”

‘’The idea of party strobe lights merging with the bright northern summer nights creates a colour palette of breezy pastels together with bright neons,” says Leonardsson. Folds of silver lamé, ultra-violet, azure blues and pinks laced with acid green add to the drama.

The Palette

PANTONE 15-0545


PANTONE 16-4728

Peacock Blue

PANTONE 14-4502


PANTONE 19-3542


PANTONE 18-6030

Jolly Green

PANTONE 16-3810


PANTONE 18-1755

Rouge Red

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Excerpted with permission from VIEWPOINT COLOUR Issue 07, Editors Franklin Till - Kate Franklin/Caroline Till