FAQ - Metallic Shimmers



What is the difference between FHI Metallic Shimmers and FHI TPG Metallics?

Pantone TPG Metallics: These colors are a combination of several medium and coarse coated mica pearlescent pigments in low gloss, nitrocellulose base material. These colors do not have silver mixed in the pigment.

Pantone TPM Metallic Shimmers: These colors are a combination of medium particle sized, non-leafing silver and a small particle sized coated mica pearlescent pigment in an ultra high gloss nitrocellulose base material. We use the non-leafing silver product for the Metallic Shimmers because it tends to give a more transparent “brighter and lighter” sparkle.

What is the difference between PMS Metallics and FHI Metallic Shimmers and TPG Metallics?

Pantone TPG Metallic and TPM Metallic Shimmers are both coated, pigment on paper. These finishes are ideal for products and surfaces that require a coating or finish. Pantone PMS Metallic is ink on paper. This product is best for print and packaging.

Why would I need to use Metallic TPM Shimmers instead of PMS Metallics?

Pantone TPM Metallic finishes are blended with a mix of metallic non-leaf silver flake and mica pearlescent that provide a luxurious and brilliance that you will not find in Pantone's PMS metallic. We recommend TPM Metallic Shimmers for product design, hard home goods, interiors, color cosmetics, fashion trims and accessories, and products requiring a metallic finish. PMS Metallic is ink on paper and used by graphic designers for print and packaging.

How are the Pantone Metallic Shimmers measured and what are the LIMITATIONS?

Due to the nature of metallic, silver flakes and mica pearlescent particles in the Pantone FHI Metallic Shimmers color measurement can be challenging. Because special effects shift light in unexpected ways, they have a strong appeal in many applications. These same properties make color measurement challenging since sample orientation to the measurement device and the measurement geometry can affect the measured results. While it is possible to evaluate the general color properties of the new PANTONE FHI Metallic Shimmers colors with several color measurement geometries (D8° sphere, multi-angle goniometry, and 45°/0° geometry), Pantone and X-Rite recommend using the 45°/0° geometry X-Rite eXact spectrophotometer for most evaluation applications, due to its wide availability, simplicity of use and discrimination in measurement results.

What is the difference for Metallic Shimmers data for PantoneLIVE, Pantone Studio, Pantone Color Manager and PANTONE Color Data licensing?

These are all different ways that PANTONE Metallic Color Data is made available to users.

  1. Pantone Studio mobile app for iOS and MyPantone for Android that seamlessly harmonizes Pantone colors into your design workflow by harnessing the power of your mobile device.
  2. Pantone Color Manager is a Mac/Windows software application for keeping all Pantone Color libraries synchronized and up-to-date in various design software, including Adobe Creative Cloud design apps.
  3. PantoneLIVE Design gives designers and prepress teams access to all Pantone digital color libraries as well as private brand color libraries for in inspiration and creation work.
  4. PantoneLIVE Design gives designers and prepress teams access to all Pantone digital color libraries as well as private brand color libraries for in inspiration and creation work.
  5. PANTONE Color Data licensing entitles third-parties to integrate PANTONE Color Systems with their solutions through design to the manufacturing process in many industries. Brands and their software and systems providers can bring metallics to life in the product planning and design process by licensing the color identities for the 200 new Pantone Colors. These color names can then be used to call out the new Metallic Shimmers colors in design solutions, product lifecycle management (PLM) systems or as part of a specification to suppliers

What is the definition of TPM?

TPM is the suffix for our Pantone TPM Metallic Shimmers. TPM [Textile-Paper-Metallic] is the latest evolution of the Fashion, Home, + Interiors color system.