5 Reasons to THINK IN for Your Designs


5 Reasons to THINK INK for Your Designs

When it comes to adding dynamic, captivating effects into your design projects, Pantone Metallic Colors have got you covered, from packaging to signage to stationery!

Eye Like It - 5 Reasons to Think Ink for your Designs


Eye Like It!

Metallic inks provide commanding color brilliance that turns your designs into elegant show-stopping pieces.

It’s all in the details! - 5 Reasons to Think Ink for your Designs


It’s all in the details!

Ink gives you range and flexibility to print fine screen values, as well as full, stunning solid color. Simply specify the color in your guide to your printer.

Oh, the COLORS! - 5 Reasons to Think Ink for your Designs


Oh, the COLORS!

With metallic inks, your color options are practically limitless! Pantone now provides over 650 trend-driven and market-relevant metallic colors for packaging and commercial print projects.

More Budget-Friendly Bling! - 5 Reasons to Think Ink for your Designs


More Budget-Friendly Bling!

With its in-line printing capability, metallic inks are notably less expensive than using foil stamping or metallized substrates – even when adding specialty coatings.

Environmentally Responsible Design - 5 Reasons to Think Ink for your Designs


Environmentally Responsible Design

Foil stamping and metallized board can produce landfill waste and complications when recycling discarded packaging. Metallic ink printing, however, creates no waste in the recycling process.

Ask your printer about metallic effects and coating enhancements that rival limiting, expensive, and environmentally unfriendly foils and metallized substrates.

For more information about metallic colors and effects, read our FAQ article HERE >

For more information about the pros and cons of metallic inks, foils, films, and more, view the Metallic Application Chart.

Disclaimer: Pantone is not an expert in 'sustainability' regarding foil stamping applications and/or metallized substrates.