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  • Inspired by Pantone
    Inspired by Pantone

    November 11, 2019

    In support of BASF Colors and Effects newest pigments, the Color Collection Inspired by Pantone comprises three palettes, each with seven colors, selected for their ability to express different macro trends affecting consumers and industry today.

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  • Vibrant Rebellion
    Vibrant Rebellion

    October 01, 2019

    Sharing a belief that the future is theirs to design, young people are feeling empowered to create change.

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  • Behind the Colors
    Behind the Colors

    September 18, 2019

    Color is a pivotal element of the design process and helps to convey the messages and meanings of your design, ensuring your audience experiences the full story and emotional impact.

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  • Fashion Color Trend Report London Spring / Summer 2020
    Fashion Color Trend Report London Spring / Summer 2020

    September 14, 2019

    This report features the top 12 colors, as well as four classic neutrals, we can expect to see on the London runway as fashion designers introduce their new Spring/Summer collections

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