PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2018 Plastics

Inspiring and Expressing Color/defining the essential trends


Distilling the complex universe of color concepts into eight distinctively designed palettes, PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2018 will help you stay well ahead. With our desire to inspire and ensure you are on the right color path our key color stories for 2018 break free from traditional thinking; colors are revitalized, hues are mixed in novel combinations, and new color directions express a fresh approach that satisfies the consumers need for newness. This PANTONEVIEW home + Interiors format comes with 75 forecasted plastic standards in a spinning carousel arranged by palette.

All Trend Forecasting books are non-returnable/non-refundable.

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  • 12” x 18” oblong format; soft cover wire bound book
  • 75 plastic standard polypropylene chips separated into palettes
  • Each chip double sided in matt and glossy finish in 1mm and 2mm tiered thickness
  • Printed color card highlighting color direction by color family
  • Forecast imagery separated by palette and color family available through download
  • PANTONE Color Manager Software


  • Overarching forecast theme
  • 8 individual palettes supported by trend story, inspirational imagery, color harmonies and palette key words
  • Each trend palette contains 4-5 color harmony options
  • Topline look at key finishes, textures and pattern
  • Printed color card displays forecast colors by family
  • Written and visual overview highlights key color concepts
  • CMYK values for each of the 75 forecasted colors
  • PANTONE Color Manager Software


  • Enables seasonal color planning using the PANTONE Fashion, Home + Interior color language
  • Individual trend themes containing supporting story, visual inspiration and key color guidance streamlines seasonal color planning.
  • Color palette harmonies showing which colors should be mixed together and in what measure facilitates product assortment layout.
  • Topline material, texture and pattern information highlights critical surface application and informs products for development.
  • CMYK print values for each forecasted color enables color matching for print applications and PANTONE Color Manger Software allows integration of all PANTONE Colors for digital design