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Work with plastics?

Matching your products in plastic to the Pantone Colors you know and love has never been easier. Large Plastic Standard Chips provide polypropylene color standards for the familiar Pantone Matching System® and Fashion, Home + Interiors color ranges. Additional substrates and custom colors are also available upon request.


Tools for Inspiration

With over 4,000 colors across two color systems, Pantone can help you easily translate your client’s brief and brand direction into an approach that is friendly to both your design process and the budget.


Tools for Creation

With a robust color offering for coated goods and plastics that span both Pantone Color Systems, you have the flexibility to create with colors that can meet both the client’s color demands and budget constraints.

Plastics Opaque & Transparent Selector

Plastics Opaque & Transparent Selector
1,740 colors in translucent & opaque plastic chip format

<p>This universally recognized system offers an easy and accurate method of color communication between designers and plastics manufacturers. The complete set contains a full palette of 735 transparent colors and 1,005 opaque colors (including over 900 cross references to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and PANTONE TEXTILE Color System®). Each color chip provides three steps of thickness to display different levels of translucency. Chips are conveniently arranged and stored in custom three-ring binders.</p> <p>Read how blue chip companies such as LENOX are using the PANTONE PLASTICS Color System.</p> <p>Product components include:</p> <ul><li>PANTONE PLASTICS opaque selector(1,005 colors, 3 binders)</li> <li>PANTONE PLASTICS transparent selector(735 colors, 2 binders)</li></ul>

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Pantone Studio for iOS

Pantone Studio for iOS


Tools for Production

Specifying color correctly with your production partners can help your design sail through production and onto the shelves with minimal rework and expense. When it comes time for approval of the final sample, make sure to have your Pantone Color Products with you to ensure an exact match in your final product.

The Pantone Tints and Tones Collection

The Pantone Tints and Tones Collection
100 best-selling whites, greys & blacks in plastic chip format

100 of the best-selling whites, greys and blacks, selected from both the Pantone Graphic (PMS) and Fashion, Home, + Interiors (FHI) color libraries. Cross match plastic designs with textile products, graphics and packaging.

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PANTONE 3 Light Booth D50

Pantone 3 Light Booth - D50

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