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FHI Coated Colors Set

This bundle offers the complete library of 2,510 Fashion, Home + Interiors Colors.

SKU: 2019-008

The FHI Coated Colors Set pairs the TPG Color Guide and FHI Metallic Shimmers Color Guide, giving designers access to 2,510 Fashion, Home + Interiors coated Pantone Colors. Use these guides for product design, fashion accessories, footwear, hard home including housewares, personal care, interiors, color cosmetics, tech/consumer electronics, trim i.e. buttons, zippers, outerwear, and reference for fashion.

€315.60 ( inc. VAT )


  • Portable fan deck in a two-volume set with 2310 colors
  • Seven colors per page on 4.44 cm x 2 cm paper chips made of lacquer stripe coating on paper
  • TPG (Textile Paper – Green) suffix indicates the latest evolution of the FHI product line - we removed all lead and chromium content from the TPX products to offer a safer and environmentally friendly product


  • One volume with 200 colors in a fan format
  • One full-bleed color per 4.45 x 15.25 cm page
  • Produced pigment on paper (nitro-cellulous coating), similar to a paint sample
  • TPM (Textile Paper – Metallic) suffix indicates that it is a metallic color in the Fashion, Home + Interiors System
  • Colors arranged by color family
  • Each color referenced by a corresponding name and number


  • Use for color inspiration, specification, and production at the office, in the lab, or on-the-go

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