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/Interior Designer

Tools for interior designers

Regardless if you're designing for soft goods, hard home or other interior surfaces, Pantone has the relevant color palette you want, whether you're looking to tone things down or create a space that pops.


Tools for Inspiration

Looking for color direction for home and interiors? Want to explore all of your color options? We've got you covered.


Tools for Creation

Pantone's standardised colour language is recognised worldwide, so you can be sure that the color you select for your final work will be achievable.


Tools for Production

Supplying your production partners with Pantone Chips and Swatches can give you the confidence that your final product will be faithful to your vision.

PANTONE 5 Light Booth D50 D65

Pantone 5 Light Booth - D50

<ul class="productBullets"> <li>Achieve better color evaluation with consistent, controlled lighting</li> <li>Simulate common environments with Daylight, "A" Tungsten and Cool White Fluorescent (CWF) or TL84 lighting</li> <li>Contemporary design, styled to complement any work space</li> </ul>

€2,520.00 (inc. VAT)
PANTONE 3 Light Booth D50

Pantone 3 Light Booth - D50

€1,710.00 (inc. VAT)