Unignorable: Pantone Color Institute x United Way Canada


Pantone Color Institute x United Way Canada

United Way Canada partnered with The Pantone Color Institute to create Unignorable – a new color specifically designed to highlight societal issues impacting Canadians and encouraging community action to address them.

Aptly named Unignorable is a friendly and engaging orange coral that stops you in your tracks, demands attention to the issues it represents and with its high physicality, induces us to act. In this new campaign, the Pantone Color Institute helped United Way in Canada harness the power of color to start conversations and evoke action by selecting the most unignorable color, which outfitted an art installation as part of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche city-wide celebration and was communicated through various digital and broadcast executions.

(Please note: the below video is available as originally recorded in English)

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