Minion Yellow™: Behind the Scenes


A short interview with Laurie Pressman, VP Pantone Color Institute

Pantone Color Institute
11 January 2016

Recently, in an industry first, Pantone, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Partnerships & Licensing created an official new PANTONE Color, Minion Yellow, based on the Minions from Universal Pictures and Illumination's Despicable Me global film franchise, including this summer's blockbuster hit, Minions. The development of PANTONE Minion Yellow marks the first time in the global color authority's history that a color has been created and named after a character.

In a short interview, Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute, provides more insight into the groundbreaking partnership:

Why did Pantone, Illumination and Universal come together to create Pantone Minion Yellow?

"The Minions are a global phenomenon. The partnership of Pantone, Illumination and Universal has been a meeting of like-minded design focused entities, all of whom appreciate the Minions’ place in pop culture and wanted to come together to give these iconic characters their own iconic color."

Why was it important to Illumination and Universal that the Minions have their own unique shade?

"Color surrounds us and as the visual cue that defines our world, draws us in to feel a connection with our environment and the things we love," said Pressman. Reinforcing the point, she continues, "Color is a signifier and an identifier. It commands our attention and creates immediate associations. Developing a distinctive yellow shade that is named specifically for the Minions, helps ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you will recognize the Minions just by their signature shade."

What was the inspiration for the new Pantone Minion Yellow? How would you define the new Pantone Minion Yellow color?

"Inspired by the Minions themselves, the team at the Pantone Color Institute worked closely with the animation team at Illumination Entertainment to identify the exact right yellow shade that could best express what the Minions are all about. Pantone Minion Yellow is a custom color uniquely designed to represent these sweet and subversive characters. Illuminating, energetic, friendly and fun-loving, it is an extroverted, playful and warm yellow shade that sparkles with vitality. Its vibrancy captures the spirit of the Minions and conveys the true essence of these highly original characters."

For more insight into the Minions' Pantone Journey, be sure to watch the Behind the Scenes video.

Minion Yellow: Behind the Scenes Video

Laurie Pressman Vice President Pantone Color Institute

Laurie Pressman is the Vice-President of the Pantone Color Institute and has 20 years experience in the world of color and trend. She loves traveling the world looking for what is new and next and sees color as the story of life.