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8-guide set of over 10,000 solid & process colours + CAPSURE™ device

PANTONE Master Collection 2016-015

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  • Set of eight PANTONE Guides and CAPSURE™ Tool
  • Over 10,000 PANTONE Colours for instant matching in the palm of your hand
  • Stylish carrying case included

The PANTONE MASTER COLLECTION bundle contains not only a thorough collection of spot, spot-to-process, process-only and special effects colours but also a PANTONE CAPSURE™. It is an ideal and comprehensive set for designers, pre-press professionals and printers interested in creating with, specifying, matching and approving the most diverse and market-relevant set of standardised colours available.

Bundle includes:

FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated & Uncoated Set: This two-guide set features 1,867 Solid Colours printed on both coated and uncoated paper - a must-have tool for designers, printers and colour decision makers. Best used for specifying and approving Spot Colours in graphic projects especially logos, branded designs and packaging.

COLOR BRIDGE Coated & Uncoated Set: A multi-purpose tool for printers, graphic and web designers. Best used for determining how 1,845 Solid Colours will look when reproduced through four-colour printing process, as well as when displayed through digital media.

EXTENDED GAMUT Guide: A new, more accurate way to reproduce PANTONE Colours using process printing. By adding Orange, Green and Violet (OGV) inks to CMYK, the gamut is significantly “extended” and colours become more achievable, vibrant and true.

METALLICS Coated: 301 exquisite metallic colours that enable designers to add luminescence and a refined elegance to logos, packaging and branded projects.

PREMIUM METALLICS Coated: 300 sizzling metallic colour swatches developed to meet industry demand for special-effect inks that can be durable, easily coated and printed without fear of any loss in luster, tarnishing or blemishing.

PASTELS & NEONS Coated & Uncoated: 154 soothing pastel colours and 56 hot neons for designers to use in graphic and packaging designs when softness, pop and/or vibrancy is essential.

PANTONE CAPSURE™: Collect colour inspiration from any surface, material or fabric - even small, patterned, multi-coloured textures and textiles – and match it quickly and accurately to preloaded PANTONE Colours, then bring it into your creative project and production workflow.

CAPSURE™: This sophisticated imaging system preloaded with over 10,000 Pantone Colours makes collecting and accurately matching colour inspiration simple, fun and fits in the palm of your hand.

CAPSURE™: Updates automatically and toggles easily across multiple PANTONE Libraries as well as synchronises with popular design applications so that users can operate within their typical creation and development work flows.

CAPSURE™: Includes features such as provided harmonious and relative colours, multiple colour extraction, custom palette creation and surface/gloss compensation allow for optimal and versatile design creativity.

All eight guides and CAPSURE™ tool come packed in a stylish, durable and easily portable carrying case.

  • Chromatically arranged colours bleed off both page sides so colours can be best analysed for matching when guide pages are laid on top of printed works during evaluation.
  • Guides are produced on text-weight paper in order to best simulate the most commonly used industry printing substrate.
  • A lighting indicator tool can be found at the back of each guide, allowing the user to instantly understand if current lighting conditions are suitable for accurate colour evaluation and matching.
  • Purchase of this guide set includes a free download of PANTONE COLOUR MANAGER Software, a £32 value. PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software allows upload of all the latest Pantone Colour Libraries into your favourite design applications.
  • Eight total guides and one device
  • Sets demonstrate the effects of solid and process printing on both coated and uncoated stocks for each colour
  • 1,867 solid colous and ink formulations (FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated & Uncoated Set)
  • 1,845 solid colours and CMYK, HTML/Hex and sRGB values (COLOR BRIDGE Coated & Uncoated Set)
  • 1,755 seven-colour process colours (EXTENDED GAMUT Guide)
  • 301 solid metallic colour and ink formulations (METALLICS Coated)
  • 300 solid premium metallic colours and ink formulations (PREMIUM METALLICS Coated)
  • 154 solid pastels and 56 solid neon colours with ink formulations (PASTELS & NEONS Coated & Uncoated)
  • Substrate: Ink on text-weight paper
  • All colours are printed using a uniform ink film thickness making them easily matched on press
  • Broad selection of market-driven colours, for practically unlimited creativity
  • PANTONE Colours are internationally recognised for colour communication and are globally available
  • System supported by worldwide network of Pantone Licensees
  • Individual guide size: 1 5/8" x 9 1/4"
  • Device comes in a protective and stylish carrying case
  • Device stores up to 100 colour captures
  • Device annotates colours with a voice recording and time-and-date stamp
  • Device's rechargeable lithium battery lasts for thousands of measurements on a single charge
  • Device features a large 1-3/4" colour viewing screen
  • Device weight: approximately six ounces (including battery)

PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software updates PANTONE Colors in popular design applications. To utilise the free PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software included with purchase of this product, please note the following minimum suggested hardware requirements:

  • MacOS X 10.8 or later
  • 1GB RAM
  • Intel® Processor
  • 1GB of available disk space
  • Monitor resolution of 1024x768 pixels or higher
  • DVD drive or high-speed internet connection required for software install, download and automatic software update

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP® 32 bit (with latest Service Packs and updates installed)
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista® 32 or 64 bit (with latest Service Packs and updates installed)
  • Microsoft® Windows 7® 32 or 64 bit (with latest Service Packs and updates installed)
  • Microsoft® Windows 8® 32 or 64 bit (with latest Service Packs and updates installed)
  • 1GB RAM
  • Intel® Pentium® IV or AMD® Athlon® XP or better CPU
  • 1GB of available disk space
  • Monitor resolution of 1024x768 pixels or higher
  • Network adaptor installed and driver loaded
  • DVD drive or high-speed internet connection required for software install, download and automatic software update

For further assistance or questions regarding registration or installation of the PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software, please visit the HELP CENTRE or contact us at +44 (0)1233 225 450 or infoeuro@pantone.com.

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  • Locate colours by number by using the index immediately after the 112 PANTONE New Colours and/or at the back of the guide.
  • Compare and evaluate colours only under optimal lighting conditions. Use the lighting indicator tool found at the back of the guides or a light booth supporting either D65 or D50 light sources.
  • Over time any and all papers will yellow and inks will fade. In order to ensure you have the most accurate colour for specification and evaluation, Pantone recommends that you replace your guides and books annually.

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