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CAPSURE™ + Cotton Passport
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PANTONE Cotton Passport FHIC200

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Experience mobility without sacrificing accuracy or versatility. Portable CAPSURE™ puts the most advanced color capture technology available into the palm of your hand – and the Cotton Passport puts all 2,310 FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors in your pocket!

CAPSURE’s sophisticated imaging system sets a new standard for accuracy and versatility in a portable device. Now you can capture color inspiration from practically any surface, material or fabric - even small patterned, multi-colored textures and textiles-match it quickly and accurately to one of more than 11,000 preloaded PANTONE Colors, then bring it into your workflow, all within seconds.

Using the CAPSURE™ with the Cotton Passport allows you to instantly reference all 2,310 PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors in cotton for immediate specification. The convenient accordion format allows you to see a large number of permanently affixed chips at a glance, making it easy to be inspired on the road or during off-site meetings.

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